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Walleye fishing Ny - Salmon River, Oswego River and Oneida Lake.



May 19, 2013

Walleye fishing on Lake Ontario has been a little bit tougher a few nights this past week. We have still been producing good walleyes each night but working for them a little bit harder some nights. Not that every night had been slow but a few nights we had to persist late into the night to put together decent catches. The brown trout fishing on Lake Ontario during the day has been tough for most charter boats. A lot of the charter captains are targeting lake trout, steelhead and salmon rather then struggle for brown trout. Oneida lake is doing well for smaller walleye during the day. Dragging worms/spinner combos or casting sonar's has been working well- 30 plus fish days are normal but a lot of short fish- under 15". Over the next month we offer -night fishing for walleye on Lake Ontario for trophy walleye -afternoon/evening trips on Oneida for smaller eater size walleye -day charters on Lake Ontario for trout and salmon which actually runs though out the entire summer. Thanks for checking us out!
Salmon River Guide
Jaclyn & Shane Thomas

May 14, 2013

Walleye fishing on Lake Ontario has been very good. Trolling stick baits in shallow water has been the ticket to some giant walleye and brown trout. Charters trolling the deeper waters of Lake Ontario are finding decent catches of king salmon and trout. It's looking like a repeat of last season with a bumper crop of eager king salmon showing up early again.
Salmon River Guide
Jaclyn & Shane Thomas

May 8, 2013

Walleye fishing on lake Ontario is picking up steam. The first few nights of the season we did a lot more brown trout catching but just picking at a few walleyes each night. The last couple of trips the walleyes have cooperated a bit better. Of course the trout are still abundant as well and very big to boot. 10 - 14 pounders! The walleye have been from 5-10#s with at least one good 10# -30'' eye each trip so far. Oneida is producing decent catches of smaller 15-20'' fish. Sandy Pond, Black River and Chaumont are all reporting good walleye fishing as well. During the day time brown trout charters are reporting tough fishing so most are targeting lake trout and king salmon. Plenty of prime walleye and brown trout dates available the next few months. We are also booking summer salmon and trout charters.
Salmon River Guide
Jaclyn & Shane Thomas

April 29, 2013

The BEST steelhead fishing of the season is NOW! The Salmon River is loaded with ravenous drop back steelhead. They're very hungry and eating anything in their path. Water levels have been ideal 1250cfs. The waterline says 900cfs for Wednesday.
This is perfect for floating the river!
The brown trout charters on Lake Ontario are doing so-so. Not great numbers so far but big quality size brown trout, lake trout and even some early season king salmon. Walleye season opens up this Saturday - walleye dates are filling up fast- We still have availability this week for drift boating the Salmon River. Weds, Thurs and Friday are open for prime time steelhead fishing.
Salmon River Guide
Jaclyn & Shane Thomas



June 9, 2012

Trout fishing on Lake Ontario has been fantastic! Trolling 50-70' off the Salmon River has been producing great catches of brown trout with a mix of steelheads and salmon. Spoons run off downriggers, dipsy and lead cores all have been working well.
Oneida lake walleye fishing has been very good as well. Loads of walleyes have been hitting in 20-30' from mid lake to the east end. Worms n spinners are doing the most damage. All day long- no night fishing needed!
Salmon River Guide
Jaclyn & Shane Thomas

May 14, 2012

Walleye fishing on Lake Ontario has been pretty good so far this season. Good numbers of big walleyes have been coming to the boat each night. Slow trolling stickaits in shallow water has been working best. We've been finding walleyes along the shore from Sandy on to Oswego Harbor. Lake Oneida has been very good for walleye by day or night. Jigging sonars or slow trolling worms has been getting it done during the day. At night trolling or casting stickbaits is the ticket to good walleye fishing.
Brown trout and salmon have been biting well from Mexico Bay to Oswego Harbor. The trout are in shallow- under 30 feet. The king salmon have been out in 150-200'. Spoons have been doing the best for trollers.
We are offer 2 da deals again for June- Book 2 days and the 2nd day is half off!!!
This is for walleye fishing or salmon/trout charters.
Salmon River Guide

April 22, 2012

Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River has been good. Water levels are low -285cfs, and there's been a lot of pressure but we've been putting together decent trips with steady action. There's plenty of rain in the forecast and I'd expect a gradual increase in water levels very soon. A lot of fish are still hanging around in the hatchery and the upper Salmon River. As these fish drop over the next few weeks the fishing will remain good!~ We've done some brown trout charters trolling the shore of lake Ontario and the results were VERY great.
Walleye season opens up May 5 and dates are booking up quickly. Between brown trout charters and walleye trips May will be a very busy month for us. We will be available for Oneida Lake walleye fishing late May through June and July.
Salmon River Guide



June 7, 2011

Walleye and brown trout charters are producing decent catches of above average size fish. Lake Ontario is warming up and we are heading to deeper water to find action. Numbers of brown trout are down but the size is up. Trolling Stingers in 20-40' in Mexico Bay is producing some trout. A few king salmon are starting to show up in 120'-160 - 50'-70' down off 9 mile point. Walleye fishing has been good at night for big fish and outstanding by day for smaller ones. Slow trolling worms and spinners on Oneida Lake is very good right now during the day.
Salmon River Guide
Jaclyn & Shane Thomas

May 30, 2011

Walleye fishing on Lake Ontario has been improving drastically. Trolling big stickbaits along the shoreline has been producing BIG walleyes. Brown Trout fishing has slowed down some. We are still catching trout but working for them. The water temperatures are going up fast and fish are moving deeper. Oneida Lake walleye fishing has been very good.
Salmon River Guide
Jaclyn & Shane Thomas

May 24, 2011

Brown trout fishing on Lake Ontario has been very good. We've been running charters and limits are the normal. Trolling stickbaits off planer boards has been working well. Walleye fishing has been ok. Worm and spinners has been working on medium size walleye. Most the action has been in the late afternoon through dark. A few big walleyes are hitting after dark but it certainly has not been good. Oneida is producing decent action both day and night. Worms and spinners by day slow trolling lures after dark. We have plenty of openings for brown trout and walleye trips on Lake Ontario and Oneida Lake. We often do combo walleye - brown trout trips give us a call for details.
Salmon River Guide
Jaclyn & Shane Thomas




Over all it has been a good walleye season on Lake Ontario. Lots of BIG walleyes were taken throughout May. This last week has slowed down a lot on Lake Ontario but we have been going to Oneida lake as a plan B. I like plan B! It's been ON FIRE walleye fishing on Oneida Lake the last few nights. Slow trolling worms/spinners during the day and lure at night has been producing good catches of 15-20'' walleye. Small mouth and white bass have been plentiful as well.
Charters out on Lake Ontario have been taking lake trout. Brown trout and salmon fishing has been tough so lake trout have been picking up the slack. Again it's always nice to have a plan B! The lake has been setting up a thermocline- I'd bet trout and salmon fishing will improve very soon. .
Salmon River Guide
Jackie and Shane Thomas


Trolling for walleye on the Lake Ontario shoreline has been pretty good so far this season. A few nights were tough due to strong winds making it next to impossible to even fish.
The brown trout fishing remains decent for charters during the day. A few salmon are being taken out deeper as well. There were some impressive results in the Spring LOC derby- two 32 pound +Kings, 12 pound + Walleye, 27 pound Laker, 16 pound + Brown Trout- I would say the good old days are back! I would expect to see 40 pounds in the fall LOC.
Salmon River Guide
Jackie and Shane Thomas


Walleye fishing on Lake Ontario has been very good. Slow trolling stickbaits along the lake shore produced steady action. A few trout thrown in each night along with several double digit walleyes pushing 13#s. We have plenty of guides open for night walleye fishing. We fish Lake Ontario for trophy walleye and Oneida Lake for smaller eater size fish.
Salmon River Guide
Jackie and Shane Thomas


Steelhead season is officially over for this guide. Over all the steelhead season was excellent. The last month was tough due to low flows in the Salmon River.
Well now it's lake charter time! Right now brown trout and walleye fishing has begun. So far we have been trolling the eastern shore of lake Ontario for brown trout. It has been decent with some quality size trout coming to the boat. Reports have been good for night walleye fishing along the lake shore as well. Oneida has been slow for walleyes but that's typical for the beginning of the season. We will be out tonight for the my first Lake Ontario walleye trip of the season. I will be updating a lot more often as the season progresses. The charter boat is going in the water this week so we will be ready for deep water salmon fishing very soon. There have been reports of decent catches of king salmon already!
Thanks for checking us out!
Salmon River Guide



The 2009 walleye season is well under way. So far this season has been decent.
Slow trolling stickbaits in shallow water along the Lake Ontario shoreline has been the go to tactics to finding big hungry fish. Plenty of 10 pound plus walleye making it to the net, with some slob 10-15 pound brown trout The last week has been the most consistent of May for bigger fish. I would expect the trend to continue into June.
Oneida Lake fishing has been good over all as well. Report of limits of 20+ inch from shallow to deep water seem to be the norm. We've done a few trips on Sandy Pond catching a mix of walleye, pike and bass. Trolling worms/spinners during the day and stickbaits by night is working on Sandy Pond and Oneida Lake. We have plenty of June dates available for walleye charters on Lake Ontario, Sandy Pond or Oneida Lake. We offer great deals for booking 2 days.
Thanks for checking us out!
Jackie and Shane Thomas


Walleye fishing on Lake Ontario continue to be good. The last few nights the action has been pretty steady slow trolling stickbaits. The walleye have been BIG lately. Most trips have been producing several double digit size walleye a trip, some even as big as 12-13 pounds!
Walleye fishing on Oneida Lake has been very good as well. Slow trolling worms and stick baits in the evening and after dark has produced easy limits of 18-22'' eater size walleye.
We have plenty of dates open the next few months for salmon, trout, bass and walleye charters out on Lake Ontario and Oneida Lake. We offer very reasonable summer rates.


Walleye fishing along the Lake Ontario shoreline remains decent. Saturday night we fished Oswego Harbor and did really well. Stick baits run up and down the walls worked the best. Lots of trophy size walleyes made it to the net. Water temps are on the cool side (59-61 degrees) for June. I'd expect another 2 weeks of good fishing for trophy size walleye. Oneida has been very good as usual for June. Fishing the eastern shore after dark with small stickbaits has been smoking eater size (18-20 inch) walleye.
We did a few brown trout & salmon Lake Ontario charters last week and it was tough fishing. Conditions should settle in over the next few weeks.
We have plenty of opening for charters and walleye trips for June and July.
We are offering great deals on short 4 hr trips for evening/night walleye fishing on Oneida Lake or Oswego Harbor.


Walleye fishing on Oneida Lake was very good last night. It was great 1st trip of the season for eater size walleye. We trolled worm & spinner combos in the early evening and had lots of active walleye. After dark we trolled small stickbaits and they seemed to like them just as much as the worms. If you don't want to stay out all night Oneida Lake is just the place to fish 4-5 hrs(6pm-10/11pm) and catch loads of walleyes. We are offering great deals on short 4 hr trips for evening walleye fishing on Oneida Lake.
Lake Ontario has been so/so for big walleye. Brown trout are biting during the day for charters close to shore but not great. Some king salmon are being taken off Nine Mile Point in 150-200' - 60-70' down.
We have plenty of dates open for summer charters and offer great rates for June and July.


Walleye and brown trout fishing on Lake Ontario remains decent. By night we have been catching 6-8 BIG walleyes and a few brown trout. The salmon are still hanging around out in deeper water but catching them has been tougher due to inconsistent conditions. Oneida Lake has been so/so from reports I've heard. We have plenty of open dates the next few months and are offering discounts on all our trips. Give us a call for details.
Salmon River Guide


Walleye fishing on Lake Ontario remains decent. Not great but consistent enough to be happy about. The last 5 nights out we managed 10 pound plus walleye. A few brown trout have been mixed up as well. We did a brown trout charter on the big boat on Friday, we landed 4 and missed that many more. There's been a few salmon taken in deeper water- 100-150'. 60-70' down on med Michigan Stingers off the down rigger seems to be the ticket. Oneida Lake has been slower this week.
We have plenty of dates left in June for walleye and brown trout fishing.
July and August dates available for salmon and trout charters.
Ask about out 2 days package deals!


Walleye fishing on Lake Ontario has been up and down so far this season. The first 10 days were really consistent with decent catches. The last 5 days have been a bit tougher. We are still taking decent fish but working twice as hard for a few. The bait moved in heavy and it has tough to compete with the real thing. The king salmon have been showing up in good numbers off shore just north of 9 mile point in 80-140 feet of water. Medium size Michigan stingers have been producing 15-50' off the down riggers, 10-30 feet off bottom. There's been good reports of steelhead and brown trout from shallower water. Oneida Lake has been doing very well for walleyes so far this season. The best action has been just before dark in 10-18' on jigs and spinner harnesses.
We have plenty of dates for walleye trips and lake charters for June.




Walleye fishing slowed down some the last few days. Water temperature along the shoreline of Lake Ontario has increased 10 degrees in just 4-5 days- 67-68 degrees! We're still taking some really nice double digit walleye but working hard for 7-8 hits a trip. The brown trout moved out deeper looking for cooler waters.
Oneida Lake has been decent for lots of walleyes and small mouth bass. Fishing deep with jigs and sonars during the day works best. Slow trolling stick baits and worm harnesses does the trick in the evening/night.
Water levels on the Salmon River have increased to 500 cfs and it's scheduled to rise again-750 for a few more days-
Until 9:00 PM today, 500 CFS
From 9:00 PM today until 11:59 PM Wed, 750 CFS


Walleye and brown trout night fishing along the Lake Ontario shoreline has been absolutely incredible. The weather has been tough but conditions are ripe for trolling in the inlets of Lake Ontario. This last week we've had 20-30 hits each night! Water temperatures have ranged from 55-60 degrees. Winds have been mainly from the west and heavy at times. Charters are doing a lot better by day lately. Brown trout are in tight to shore just north of the Salmon River in very good numbers, not many big one but decent fish none the less. A few boats are heading out to 130-180 feet of water and finding some early salmon and steelhead. Mostly a spoon program with riggers set 30-60' down. Oneida lake has been turning on. Plenty of eater size walleye along the shoreline at night. During the day they are hanging in 25-30' -jigging with sonars has been very productive. Our 2 night walleye drift boat specials will be running in June this year- book 2 days and save $50 per night. We still have plenty of open dates for June and July salmon, trout and walleye charter trips. Our charter rates are the most reasonable in the area.
Salmon River Guide


BIG walleyes and brown trout continue to bite well along the shoreline of Lake Ontario. The last few weeks has been very good slow trolling stickbaits at night. Water temperatures have been ideal- 56-58 degrees. Last night we boated 10 big brown trout and 5 nice walleyes. Day charters fishing for brown trout are still doing so/so. One good day then the next is tough. There's been a lot of bait along the shore lately. A few king salmon and steelheads are starting to show up in deeper water. We have plenty of open dates for spring & summer walleye, salmon & brown trout trips. This Friday and Saturday nights (May 30 &31) are still open! Our 2 night walleye drift boat specials will be running in June this year- book 2 days and save $50 per night.


Walleye fishing has been excellent. Trolling the shallows of Lake Ontario has been producing consistent catches of BIG walleyes. The BIG brown trout have been very hungry as well. Our best results has been at night off the drift boat. Our day fishing on the charter boat has been fair. 6-12 brown trout a trip with the average size 3-4#s. Oneida has been improving with better and better reports coming in each day. The better fish are taking sonars in 20-30' on the east end. We have plenty of open dates - Our rates are the most reasonable in the area.


Lake Ontario has been producing good catches of monster walleyes. Night trolling the shoreline has been very productive with 10-13 pounder walleyes common. Brown trout have also been cooperative at night with most fish weighing in at 4-10 pounds. Conditions have been ideal for working the shallows of Lake Ontario. By day charters are doing so/so for brown trout. Trolling stickbaits @ 2.2-2.5mph in 8-12' of water has been our go to program. There's still plenty of dropback steelheads in the mid-lower Salmon River, night crawlers and pink worms are the best bets. We have plenty of spring/summer dates available for walleye, brown trout and salmon.
Give us a shout and get in on the action!




Lake Oneida walleye fishing has been fantastic! The last few trips we have had were filled with non-stop action. Conditions have been ideal. Slow trolling worms and stick baits has been the ticket to success. Shallow water 6-12' seems to be where we're finding the most fish .Lake Ontario continues to produce great catches of brown trout. Most browns are hanging around 9 mile point just to the west end of the buoys. The fish are coming from 10-30' down over 20-60' of water. Natural colors in the Michigan stingers seem to have the best results. It has been slow so far for salmon on this end of the lake but the thermo cline will be developing, then they will be easier to target by the end of the month. We have also had some family outings on the smaller lakes that produced some nice rainbows, walleyes, bass and various pan fish. Bass season opens up next Saturday June 16. We offer a variety of trips from Lake Ontario to Lake Oneida and smaller inland lakes targeting them. We are offering 4 hour trips at reduced rates until mid July. We also offer 2 day packages for our Lake Ontario Charters through the the end of July. Book 2 days and get $100 off the second day. Our rates are some of the most reasonable rates going for charter fishing the eastern basin of Lake Ontario. Our one day rate is $400, book a second and it's just $300. Thanks for checking us out!


Brown trout charters out on Lake Ontario have still been successful. We've been hitting them off 9 mile point by the plant. Early morning stick baits have been working - as the sun comes up spoons off the riggers are doing the trick. Some bonus steelheads are mixed in with the brown trout. A few early kings are being taken out deeper for those willing to work hard for a few bites. Oswego harbor has been slow for the big walleye- A few each night but nothing hot and heavy to report.Lake Oneida has been on fire! Walleyes, silver and small mouth bass have been cooperating each trip out. The walleyes are decent size averaging 18-20''ers. Worm harnesses by day and small stick baits at night have been doing all the damage.


Lake Oneida walleye action has been outstanding! The walleyes are hitting worm harnesses before dark and stick baits after the sun goes down. Plenty of silvers and small mouth bass to play with as well. Between the walleye, silvers and bass we had over 50 fish on landing more than 40. June and July are great months for fishing Lake Ontario- We are offering 2 day specials for Lake Charters. Book 2 days and get $100 off the second day. Our charter rates are some of the most reasonable rates going for charter fishing the Eastern Basin of Lake Ontario. Our one day rate is $400, book two and the second day is just $300.


We have availability for Memorial Day week-end.
Our brown trout charters out on Lake Ontario have been doing great! There has been decent brown trout fishing close to shore from north to south of the Salmon River. Off shore steelhead action has also been decent for boats willing to search for pockets of warmer water out deep. Some salmon showing up in the 100-200' range. Walleye fishing at Oswego has been Ok one night and slow the next. The better action has been on the northern bays of Lake Ontario, mostly during the day. Trolling various deep divers off in-lone boards has been working well. Oneida Lake is also very productive lately especially on breezy days when drifting jigs, sonars and worm harnesses. After dark trolling small stick baits has been doing good as well. Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River is all but finished, there's still a few stragglers around but most have exited back into Lake Ontario. It's now legal to target spawning small mouth bass out of season as long as you release them. There is plenty to be had in the Salmon River, jigs, night crawlers, spinners, and stick baits will all work. We have plenty of dates available for any of these types of fishing trips. Our summer/fall salmon charter dates for Lake Ontario/Salmon River are filling in so give us a call and get your dates booked soon as possible.
Salmon River Guide
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Walleye fishing - Lake Ontario has been slow lately, so we have been fishing Oneida Lake had been hot for walleyes. Plenty of walleyes to keep us busy day & night. Slow trolling worm harnesses during the day seem to be doing the trick.
Salmon fishing has been slow on Lake Ontario as well.


Salmon Season of 2006 is fast approaching....- Call now to book the best dates for this years fall salmon run on the salmon river, located in upstate Ny. Fishing on the Salmon River in Ny produces a variety of different kinds of salmon. Some of these include cohos, Chinooks, king and pacific salmon. Take a ride down the river with a drift boat. Your fishing trip will be with a NYS licensed fishing guide of 16 years and/or USCG licensed captains. You may obtain an out of state fishing license at any of the local tackle shops upon your arrival.


Walleye fishing on Lake Ontario has been tough. The last few nights we managed a few decent walleye but it took alot of determination. The brown trout have moved out deeper looking for cooler water. A few king salmon hitting out deep as well.
Oneida lake has been much more productive for walleyes. The bite has been good this month during the day as well as night.
Bass season is coming up the 3rd Saturday of June.
Give us a call and get your date booked for summer charters. Whether it's bass, walleye, trout or salmon we'll work hard for you to catch you fish.
Salmon River Guide


Lake Ontario walleye fishing has been decent so far this season. We have had plenty of good nights but a few slow ones mixed in. The brown trout have been cooperating better, giving us some good action. Heavy winds have made fishing tough the last few days. It's been almost impossible to even get out no less catch fish. The forecast is improving and that should help bring them around full force.
A few nights we headed to Lake Oneida in search of vast quantities of eater size walleye. The action was tremendous to say the least. The bite was on fire!
Walleye fishing on Lake Ontario can be good all summer not just in the Spring-
I still have May-23,24,28,30 available
June/July is mostly wide open and can be a great time to walleye fish Lake Oneida for LOTS of action.
Salmon River Guides


Well the first few days of the walleye season were pretty good. The brown trout kept us busy with a bonus walleye every so often. Plenty of nice size browns too. That was the good news. The bad news- Last week was alot less consistent. The brown trout have been a bit easier then the walleye but not nearly as good as most Mays. Back to some good news - The last couple trips have been much better- The fishing has improved quite bit. We decided to give the night trip a rest yesterday morning 5/15 and it paid off. It was nice to fish daylight and have success. The browns we landed weren't monsters but one slammer did beat us up. Conditions were ideal - Water temps were in the low 50s -lots of bait - and the water was a bit off color. Needless to say the browns were fired up. Now for some even better news - I had another night trip last night as well and we found the fish to be much more cooperative. Even the walleyes were hitting better. Landed several hog eyes' and even a slammer brown trout.(pictures in the gallery). For a while we couldn't keep the trout off. We even landed a fat rainbow- a first for me ever night fishing. The wind is changing and I'd go out on a limb and say the fishing should continue to improve. Plenty of dates available still for the last week of May and most of June.
Salmon River Guides


WALLEYE season is here! It wasn't hot and heavy but we managed a few nice walleye. The brown trout were much more cooperative with a steady pick going on all night. There was plenty of boats out fishing the Lake Ontario shoreline mostly targeting walleye. For the most part we only witnessed a few other eyes' taken. Water temperature was in the low 50 range - a little cool just yet for the big walleye feast. We still have open dates for walleye & brown trout trips this month and next. Give us a ring and we'll get you out on the fish.
The Salmon River is still producing a decent amount of drop-back steelheads- mostly mid-lower river. The water levels are very low 185cfs. If it stays low and the temps continue to climb the season will be coming to an quick end.


Walleye fishing Ny - Salmon River, Oswego River and Oneida Lake.

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